Villa Vavra

Pardubický kraj

Villa Mgr. Jiri Vavra is designed as a home to the maximum extent connected with the garden. The garden is designed as a modern conceptual space is fully connected to the character of the house itself.

villa has a very terse mass structure. It is a white prism, which is a slow down of matter internally divided into other spaces. On the north side led to the creation of significant deleting console attic roof, which from the street facade acts as a dominant, horizontal tower. Courageous console without the support was one of the most complex technical elements of the building. For attic is located overhung mounted cantilever staircase leading from the large roof terrace, which has to be conceived as a garden and connects the roof as an integral part of the usable area of the house. Will be placed on the roof roof terrace with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The landscape is a garden along with the most prominent visual element.
The large glass surfaces framed views from the house as images. The house is on the north side of the garage with entrance supplemented By rotating by 90 °, which allows for better handling vehicles and do not disturb the primary abstract composition of the house.

before the garage is produced uniform hard surface, no breakdown as well as future stone garden. The ground floor is designed as a residential and social space with a high degree of variability. The large sliding glass walls and highly polished wood, all rooms as well connected as well as split. The transformation of the interior in a few seconds was the basic requirement of the investor. Leads to the first floor lightweight stainless steel staircase with wooden steps and glass railings. Floor is designed for a private stay in dormitories. The house is designed as a reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton with brickwork.

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