Vila Na Výsluní


The concept is to create ground-level house three basic intimate and technical blocks that do not require a large amount of light. Rather, it is the operations that require a sense of security and a large number of walls. The first block is a technical, equipped garages, utility room and cloakroom. The second block is the base for the fitness room, sauna, shower and wine cellar. The third block is an intimate area with two bedrooms and a cloakroom. The blocks are arranged so that as small houses concluded between the interior space, which is completely surrounded by a transparent peripheral structures. The space outside is covered with three blocks massive rectangular plate exactly roofs. The roof is fitted above the height of the attic three blocks and creates a larger space with a ceiling height, which is the main residential floor area of ​​170 m2 podstatné.Na north side of the internal space between the blocks divided into four rooms, which are mutually separated by a light bars and into the main bar area is also accompanied by a glass ceiling strip that passes except wooden flap on the north and on the south timber walls around the entire house, reflecting a roof over domem.Dům levitating body is so completely transparent and individual structures are separated by a visibly separated. An integral part of the house is the garden, which, thanks to a massive glass optically permeates the interior. The divide between the living room and fitness, garden penetrates into the interior also physically. The concept of three massive blocks built of brick, complete with lightweight structures made ​​of glass and wood and overlaid levitating roof is strictly respected and fully functional.

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